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I've been teaching private lessons and classes for a number of years, but this year, my practice is growing! Starting in Fall 2020, I will be teaching out of a beautiful, roomy studio space, and I will be accepting new students throughout the 2020-2021 school year. I teach painting, drawing, and 2D mixed media. 

The times are uncertain! Under MA Phase 2 and Phase 3 guidance, in-person educational services for all ages are permitted with appropriate adherence to CDC regulations. I want my students to feel as comfortable and safe as possible while enjoying painting and drawing, so I have various options available to fit your needs and safety concerns. I offer both in-person and remote learning. Please contact me directly through the contact form below if you want to inquire about remote learning or have any other questions. 


Q: Who?

A: I am currently accepting students ages 10 and up for private lessons. That includes adult learners! I teach to a wide range of skills, from those just starting their artistic ventures to those preparing their portfolio for art school applications. 


Q: Where? 

A:  My studio is a bright and peaceful room located in a building of professional art studios in downtown Beverly.The building is equipped with restrooms and elevators and on street parking is readily available

See below for remote learning options. 

Q: When?

A: I teach during the school year, and adhere to the MA public school schedule (holidays, breaks, snow days). I generally teach in hour long slots, weekly or biweekly, Tuesday through Saturday, anytime between 9 AM and 6 PM. Most of my students take weekly lessons throughout the school year. Slots will fill up fast, so get in touch to snag your ideal time!

Q: How much do you charge? 

A: For comprehensive pricing information, visit the booking page. I offer single lessons, as well as bundles for weekly lessons over 4, 8, and 16 weeks.

If you would like to use your own art supplies, I offer a discount code that can be applied to the 8 and 16 week bundles: use BYOS8 or BYOS16 as a discount code at checkout, depending on the number of weeks you are buying. If you use this code, you are expected to bring your own supplies to class. I will provide a supplies list for you


Q: I, or someone I am close to, am part of a vulnerable population, or I simply prefer to learn from home. Do you offer remote options for me? 

A: Yes! I do offer hour long lessons over your preferred virtual meeting space. This is a great venue for doing some studio work in your own creative space and learning a bit about art history. I am happy to discuss a hybrid model with you as well. Please contact me directly to discuss rates!

Q: Can I learn with a friend? 

A: Yes! If you have a sibling or buddy that you feel comfortable learning with (if not related, students will have to adhere to physical distancing rules), the two of you will receive a discount. Check out the booking page for more details, and don't forget that you can use your own supplies and get a discount if you are buying 8 or 16 week bundles!

Q: I don't want to take classes for the whole school year, but I would like a refresher in drawing or painting. Can I take just a few lessons from you? 

A: Sure thing! I can teach a refresher course for you. I would recommend the 4 or 8 week bundle available on the booking page

Q: What are the lessons like? Will I be drawing pictures of fruit every week?

A: Don't worry, you won't be drawing fruit every week (unless you really want to!)

I prepare projects and lessons based on learning goals and favorite materials, and I work with each student to discover what they are most interested in learning. My greatest hope is to help you to develop your own style and have fun, but sometimes I will throw in a few challenges to help you develop your technical skills! 

Q: I'm feeling nervous about taking classes right now. What precautions do you have in place to limit the spread of COVID-19?

A: Here are few ways I'm making my studio a safe place:

- If either I or one of my students is has a fever or is displaying flulike symptoms, the lesson must be cancelled. Students will not be charged for the missed lesson.  

-Physical distancing will be enforced unless students are related. I am not teaching group classes at this time.  

-Students will be required to wear masks in the studio unless a class takes place outside (during finer weather, students will take short breaks outside)

-My studio will be stocked with plenty of hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes. All studio materials used by students will be thoroughly disinfected in between lessons.

-Students have the option to bring and maintain their own materials that will not be handled by others.  

-In finer months, windows will be open to create ventilation whenever possible.

Please feel free to contact me with further questions!

Contact Elissa to ask questions or discuss remote learning!

Thanks for getting in touch!

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